America Needs Jobs

Lee DeRemer Leadership

Not those jobs. Steve Jobs. You get the point. He is gone. But what a legacy! Who are our next Steve Jobses?

Who has a dream worth pursuing, at great cost and against all ridicule? Who has the entrepenurial spirit to take great risk in the face of sometimes unthoughtful governmental regulation, to achieve great goals? Who will stop decrying uncertainty and start celebrating the opportunity that accompanies it? Who has the courage to lead without apology? Why not you and me?

This world changer was adopted, raised in modest means, and dropped out of college. Maybe there’s something to that “indomitable spirit” thing.

Revisit his 2005 commencement address to Stanford with me. What three or four nuggets will you take from it. Perhaps “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life,” or “Stay hungry. Say foolish.” or his humor in the line, “If you live every day as if it will be your last, eventually you will be right….”

What sticks with you? What will you share?

Author Lee DeRemer is the Professor of Ethics and Strategic Leadership at the U.S. Army War College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. He retired from the Air Force after 26 years of flying, command, and staff assignments and is now pursuing a Ph.D. in values-driven leadership at Benedictine University. This post was republished with permission from