Better Bottom Lines Through Open-Book Management

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Growth is not the same as profit.
That’s a hard business lesson many small and mid-size business leaders learn. Developing a company that focuses on profitability take a concentrated effort. Some leaders, like the executives at Tasty Catering, have found it’s made easier through Open-Book Management and the Great Game of Business. Learn more in this short video, part of the Return on Values video series.  Find more videos at




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  1. My complements on your OBM success story. I have been coaching companies on OBM for 20+ years, including many years as the Head Coach at Great Game of Business. In the last 6 years, I have been using a customer interview script that is a modified version of Fred Reichheld’s “Ultimate Question” / Net Promoter System. It has complemented the OBM principles and helped companies grow profitably. If you would be interest in a copy of the script, just send an email to
    On a related note, a former coaching client of mine runs a bakery / catering service in Milwaukee. If you would be willing, I would like to connect you, so you can trade notes. Best wishes, Bill

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