Your CEO Needs a New Title: The Top Executive’s Role in Building Culture

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Dave Smith large with play buttonNo doubt your CEO’s business cards read “Chief Executive Officer.” But should they?

This is the question Dave Smith, Ph.D., asks in his 10-minute, TED-style video Why Your CEO Needs a New Title.

Smith tells the story of one Chicago executive who, faced with a financial crisis that might require laying-off a significant portion of his workforce, took the guidance of a shift worker and made a bold decision that ultimately saved jobs and boosted morale.

The executive’s decision was a bold one, and he believes it succeeded because he made the choice that was in-keeping with the company’s strong, positive culture.

CEOs and other executives with an interest in organizational change and culture growth will find Smith’s story engaging and challenging. Watch the video today, then learn more about the doctoral program where Smith earned his Ph.D. at


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