Convincing the Sustainability Skeptics in Your Company (and Beyond)

Amber Johnson CSR, Sustainability

There are two types of sustainability skeptics, those who don’t believe environmental concern is any concern of theirs; and those who acknowledge the importance of ecological care, but aren’t certain of a corporation’s role in the process.

For the latter, Erin Meezan, vice president of sustainability at Interface, has a response. Long a leader in the carpet tile industry, Interface emerged, 25 years ago, as a pioneer in sustainable manufacturing. The company has established an aggressive goal, called Mission Zero, to have a positive net impact on the environment by 2020: and they’re on their way to meeting that goal.

Meezan, who is tasked with keeping Interface on-target for Mission Zero, sees convincing skeptics as one of her primary responsibilities. She finds them both within and without Interface. And she says consistency is what wins them over.

Hear her thoughts in this short video, part of our Champions of Responsible Business video series:

For more on embedding sustainability, see Moving Sustainability from Doing to Being, featuring Dr. Mona Amodeo of idgroup.

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