Magnetrol CEO Featured in First Champions of Responsible Business Video

Amber Johnson Press Release

New Video Series Features Stories of Courageous Decision Making and Strategic Leadership

Magnetrol International is a leading maker of valves – a manufacturing business that is growing aggressively in a difficult economy. You might expect that CEO Jeff Swallow’s growth plan would focus on acquisitions, research and development, or future forecasting. All that’s important, says Swallow, but it’s not how you grow a company.

Swallow says his company’s best plan for the future lies in developing its employees. He explains his theory, and how Magnetrol encourages employee engagement, in this short video:

Swallow’s video is the first in a new series of videos from the Center for Values-Driven Leadership (CVDL). The series, called Champions of Responsible Business, will feature established executives sharing stories of making the right decision in difficult circumstances, of focusing on long-range growth rather than short-term gain, of building sustainable businesses that care for shareholders and stakeholders.

“With this series, we hope to tell stories of business done the right way,” says Amber Johnson, the CVDL’s corporate relations advisor and the producer of the video series. “This series gives us a chance to celebrate the senior executives who are leading some of the world’s most innovative and sustainable companies.”

The video series is part of the CVDL’s overall initiative, The Revolution in Responsible Business. The Revolution is an ongoing effort to change the way business is practiced in the boardroom, and taught in the classroom, through a focus on socially-, ethically-, and environmentally-responsible leadership that leads to strategic growth.

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