Proving You Can’t Be Bought: A Values-Based Culture in Strategy & Action

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Integrated Project Management is a suburban-Chicago company that focuses on strategic management of critical business projects. IPM’s clients include industry leaders like Pfizer, Motorola, and Johnson and Johnson.

CEO and founder Rich Panico has earned national attention for his ethical leadership. For Rich, IPM’s reputation as a values-based, ethical company is its most valuable asset. To ensure that this approach to business is evident throughout the company’s work, Rich focuses on creating a values-based culture.

In the following short videos (each under four minutes), Rich outlines how he does this. First, in Creating, Enabling and Sustaining a Values-Based Culture, Rich gives an overview of his approach, focusing on leadership, consistent behavior, and the character of employees.

Second, in Strategy & Tactics: Integrating Values & Corporate Culture, Rich explains how IPM’s values move from theory to application through the organization’s annual strategic planning process and employee review process.

In the final video, Proving You Can’t Be Bought, Rich tells a compelling story that illustrates IPM’s values in action. The story centers around a contract violation between an IPM employee and a client. How Rich and his staff handled the situation exemplifies strong personal and corporate character.

All together, these videos offer a detailed look into the hard work and consistent behavior required to form a values-based culture within a corporation. But the work is worth it, as Rich explains through examples of employee engagement and client loyalty.

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Creating, Enabling, & Sustaining a Values-Based Culture

Strategy & Tactics: Integrating Values & Corporate Culture

Proving You Can’t Be Bought

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