Standing Up to the CEO: Two Short Videos on Safety

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Search the term “Safety is job one” in Google, and you’ll find 320,000,000 results: an overwhelming number that shows the high value companies place on safe operating procedures.

Embedding safety into the culture is the task of front line leaders like shift foremen and plant managers, but it’s also the job of the CEO. In recent interviews with the CVDL, we heard two separate top executives share their stories of how safety has become “job one” in their organizations.

Tim Jahnke, CEO of Elkay Manufacturing, knew he’d succeeded at placing a strong value on safety when a factory worker called him on overstepping a safety boundary. Hear him tell the story in this short video, part of our Champions of Responsible Business video series.

Making Safety Your Top Priority | Tim Jahnke | Elkay Manufacturing

Andy Studdert, CEO of NES Rentals, was disappointed in the safety performance of his organization, which rents heavy machinery to clients nationwide. When an accident came within inches of killing a mother and child, Studdert closed down operations for a day to establish a new safety policy. He tells the story in this short video:

Improving Safety Organization Wide | Andy Studdert | NES Rentals

How do you know when safety is truly embedded in your organization’s culture? Share your stories here.

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