Start Your Own Red Carpet Awards Show: How to Integrate Employee Recognition in Your Regular Routines

Amber Johnson Innovation, Leadership

Red carpetLast night’s Oscars ceremony is still dominating the internet with articles, photos and memes about everything from the words that were said to the gowns that were worn. If you were one of the millions of Americans who tuned in for the show, then you know this truth: it feels good to celebrate.

Research shows that having an abundance of positive comments – somewhere between 2:1 to 11:1 positive to negative comments – in your organization helps create a supportive and engaging workplace that drives productivity and innovation, among many other things. If you’re on the receiving end of these positive comments, nothing feels better than public recognition.

How can you create a red carpet for your team members and associates?

Rewarding and recognizing your employees doesn’t require a tuxedo or evening gown. Here are three quick ideas, borrowed from real life companies we’ve worked with, that you can implement today:

  • Create a weekly award that gets handed out at staff meetings. One organization we’ve worked with created a “You Rule” award. The award itself was simple, just a child’s ruler in a black picture frame. Colleagues could nominate a co-worker who had met a milestone, gone out of their way to help someone else, or done an exceptional job on a project. The award was presented at each staff meeting and moved from desk to desk on a weekly basis. Though it was simple, it was effective: it provided a public opportunity to sing someone’s praises, with the framed ruler serving as a visible recognition.
  • Give something valuable but inexpensive. Another organization we work has an up-front parking spot (the spot most organizations would reserve for the CEO) that is given monthly to the associate who best exemplified the company’s values in the previous month. Again, colleagues nominate co-workers, and the honor is announced publicly.
  • Host an actual award show. One department of a large organization has an annual off-site planning meeting. The highlight of the meeting is the award show, emceed by a boisterous colleague. Awards range from silly to serious, but everyone gets a shout out and a round of applause.

These simple ideas can’t replace performance reviews, promotions, or raises as forms of reward and recognition – but they can go a long way toward showing your team that you value their contribution. Share how you reward and recognize employees in the comment box below.

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