Stronger, Better, Faster: How to Build a Resilient Company

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Working in internet marketing is like getting shot out of a cannon every day. That’s how a senior leader with Adconion Direct describes their industry. With that sort of dynamic workplace, team members need resilience and an unending habit of turning challenges into opportunities. Learn how Adconion Direct builds resilience in this short video, part of the Return on Values video series. Find more videos at


Note: Shortly after our interviews with Kim Reed Perell and her team at Adconion Direct, her company was acquired for $235 million by the global digital marketing firm Amobee and Perell transitioned to the role of president of Amobee. While much of the unique culture of Adconion Direct has become part of the culture at Amobee, the insights contained in this video do represent a ‘snapshot in time’ of the company’s practices and culture at the time of our research


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