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A Coach For Every Colleague: One Firm’s Radical Commitment to Developing Their People | EKS&H

EKS&H, an award winning CPA firm, is highly committed to further developing their employees to make sure they are successful professionally and personally. Hear Bob Hottman, CEO, discuss why he values his employee coaching program. Find more short videos from the Return on Values Project. Want to see more great videos? Visit

Fresno First Bank

Want to Motivate Your Employees? Develop Ownership Thinking | Fresno First Bank

Rick Whitsell, President and CEO of Fresno First Bank, and colleagues explain how they motivate their employees. By helping their employees see the role they play in the bigger picture, Fresno First Bank is able to create dedicated members of a company, not just 9-5 workers. Our research inside Fresno First Bank and other companies has revealed the importance of …

How One Small Company is Retaining Millennials by Focusing on their Parents

Photo: Gibson’s young workforce brings enthusiasm and humor to the team, and remains highly engaged thanks to innovative and playful programming.  As Millennials (people born between the early 80s and the early 90s) enter the workforce and begin to take on leadership roles, companies are faced with a growing question of how to retain young talent. Millennials are anticipated to …