Three Forecasts that Will Change Business in the Next 10 Years: Futurist Bob Johansen on the Changing Business Landscape

Amber Johnson Innovation, Sustainability

Leadership futurist Bob Johansen’s job is to look 10 years into the future, anticipate where society is headed, and help businesses prepare to meet future needs. As a keynote speaker at one of the Center for Values-Driven Leadership’s recent Senior Executive Roundtables, Johansen walked the audience through three forecasts he says will change the landscape of business in the coming 10 years.
Follow the links for more specific comments on each of the forecasts:

Learn More about the Three Big Forecasts: Short Videos

  1. Digital Natives: Kids under under 14 who don’t understand the concept of being “off line” will change the world. Johansen defines digital natives and shares how this world of connectivity will influence corporations, politics, global relations, and our social outlook in this video.
  2. Global Well-Being Economy: Unhealthy lifestyles among corporate leaders may have been tolerated in the past, but the future is for the healthy. In this short video, Johansen shares his forecast that the next economic driver for business will be global well-being.
  3. Reciprocity-based Innovation & Cloud Computing: Researchers agree: giving makes us feel good. In our increasingly connected world, companies must learn to give in order to receive. New capacities in cloud computing will increase our ability to give and receive. In this video, Johansen argues the power of reciprocity and cloud computing will change the way we do business. 
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