What the World’s Top Peace Builders Can Teach Us about Conflict Resolution

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Carolyn with play buttonThe diplomats, ambassador, advisors, mediators and educators Carolyn Maraist interviewed for her dissertation are some of the most highly regarded negotiators and peace builders in the U.S. and the People’s Republic of China.

Their work puts them face to face with warring factions and hostile parties. But the advice they offer is applicable whether the conflict you need to resolve is in the workplace or at home.



To move closer to resolution, you must:

  • Do the work on yourself first. Without empathy for both parties in the negotiation, you’ll be unable to resolve the conflict.
  • Make safe space for the concerns of each party to be heard.
  • Make ongoing communication possible, starting first with good listening.

Hear Maraist explain her findings in this short video. Click the image above to play.

Maraist’s insights inspired a letter to the editor from former labor negotiator, Walt Reilly. Find his post at this link.


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