Half-Day Workshop:

Appreciative Inquiry for Coaching & Feedback

Executive Education

This hands-on workshop will give you new tools for leadership development, coaching, and giving constructive feedback using Appreciative Inquiry (AI). AI's powerful process will help you reframe the challenges you encounter so you can mobilize strengths, find solutions, create engaged and effective teams, and ultimately bring out the best performance in yourself and others.

In this session, we'll give an overview of the Appreciative Inquiry mindset, then we'll help you make application to coaching and leadership development. We’ll share new tools for applying AI at the individual level, through future-focused coaching and learning to give effective feedback.

November 15, 2019
8:30 am to 12 pm • Benedictine University • Lisle, IL


Appreciative Feedback gives leaders and managers a strengths-based, positive approach to addressing real challenges with the performance of team members, and for coaching developing leaders as they grow.

Led by Appreciative Inquiry pioneers Dr. Jim Ludema and Amber Johnson, in this session, you will:

  • Explore positive and effective alternatives to problem-based approaches to coaching and leadership development.
  • Learn the Appreciative Feedback process of Find It, Flip It, Elevate It – to defeat defensiveness and inspire action.
  • Rethink your coaching relationships or weekly check-ins with direct reports or teams, to create a more engaging and energizing process.
  • Develop a bank of questions that provide direction while motivating and empowering your team to get the results you need.

Do you ever wonder why your feedback isn’t heard? This workshop is designed for executives and professionals who want to lead effective, energized individuals and teams; consultants and developing leaders may also find the methodology useful, as they expand their leadership capacity and toolkit.


Want an introduction to Appreciative Inquiry before the workshop?