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This 18-month program combines the convenience of online learning with exceptional quality to prepare you for senior leadership roles. Learn tools and skills you’ll find immediately applicable and network with peers during three short residences.

Are you ready to take your career to the next level? Equip yourself for senior leadership roles, pursue your purpose, and learn new tools for strategic leadership with our world-class Executive Master’s Degree in Values-Driven Leadership (EMSVDL) program.

Our executive master’s program features a values-driven curriculum that grows your capacity for strategy, decision-making, leading teams, and leading organizations – all in a convenient format that fits your schedule. Classes are held online, with three short residences to lock-in your learning and let you network with a cohort of your peers. The evidence-based courses integrate with transformative experiences to ensure your personal growth, including industry-leading Hogan Leadership Assessments, personalized development plans, regular sessions with a certified executive coach, and an international learning exchange trip. Learn more below or request more information.

[on screen text: Executive Master of Science in Values-Driven Leadership Program]

>>Jim Ludema, Director, Center for Values-Driven Leadership, and Professor of Global Leadership: The Executive Master’s Program in Values Driven Leadership at Benedictine University, is a world class program. And its purpose is to train values driven leaders to lead others in organizations and to have a transformative impact on business and society.

[About the Target Audience for the Master’s Program in Leadership] The target audience for the program are leaders and emerging leaders, who want to take their leadership to the next level and have a greater impact in their organizations and in the world. It’s also for people who already have advanced degrees. Like an MBA, or a Masters in HR or Accounting. But find themselves more and more leadership roles, and want to develop their capacity to lead with excellence.

[World-Class Education] I love the Executive Master’s Program in Values Driven Leadership at Benedictine University, because it was benchmarked against the very best leadership development programs in the world. And we incorporated some of the most powerful elements from those programs. In addition to the world class curriculum, we will give a variety of assessment instruments to students to help them develop as leaders. Both at the individual and at the organizational level.

[Personalized Leadership Development Plan] Then, we’ll invite them to create a personalized leadership development plan for themselves. And, assign them … Connect them with an executive coach so that while they’re going through the program, while they’re doing their assessments, while they’re developing this personalized plan, they will get an executive coach who will check in with them regularly to help them grow and develop at even a faster rate.

[Hybrid Format: Online and Campus Classes] The program is developed in a hybrid format, so you get the best of both worlds. You get to do a lot of the curriculum online, at your own time, in your own place. But we also have three residencies where students come here to our brand new Goodwin Hall of Business, a state-of-the-art building to be with other leaders like themselves. To take a deeper dive into the things that they’re learning, and the way they’re applying them in their organizations. One of the residencies is an international residency.

[18-Month Leadership Competency Program] The program is designed to be completed in 18 months, and it’s built around our Values Driven Leadership Competency Model, which allows students to look at every aspect of their leadership. Their own personal leadership of self, their leadership of others and teams, their leadership of organizations, and their leadership in broader society.

[Number One Ranking Program] The program was also built on our own Ph.D. program in Values Driven Leadership, which we started in 2011. And just this year, was ranked the number one Ph.D. program in leadership in the nation by HR.com.

[Executive Master’s in Values-Driven Leadership Program at Benedictine University] So in summary, the Executive Master’s Program in Values Driven Leadership at Benedictine University will help you develop the knowledge, skills, relationships, and networks you need to think deeper and lead stronger. Advance your career, build your organization, and have a transformative impact on business in society.



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