A World-Class Program, Designed to Grow Your Career

The Executive Master’s in Values-Driven Leadership program is designed to equip you with the personal, organizational, and global competencies you need to lead with excellence and make a transformative impact on business and society.


Develop practical tools that are immediately applicable at work as you grow as a leader, expand your influence, pursue your purpose, and advance your career – all in a convenient 18-month program. Become part of a network of senior leaders, committed to a values-based approach to business, and prepare yourself for new executive leadership roles.

Benchmarked against the best leadership development programs in the world, this program incorporates many powerful features, including cutting-edge research and practice, industry-leading Hogan Leadership Assessments, personalized development plans, in-depth sessions with a certified executive coach, and an international exchange trip and action learning projects that you can leverage to strengthen your leadership and accomplish your strategic objectives at work.


The EMSVDL program uses a hybrid format, combining online courses with three transformative deep-dive residencies to connect you with like-minded leaders and help you lock-in your learning. Two residencies are held on Benedictine University’s campus in Lisle, IL, in the new Daniel L. Goodwin Hall of Business. The third residency is an international exchange, where you’ll travel overseas to interact and network with business leaders and scholars from other countries and cultures. The international exchange is designed to deepen your global leadership understanding and capacity.


The EMSVDL program is unlike any other leadership or master’s program in leadership or business administration, offering you an opportunity to transform your leadership and your career through distinctive features such as:

  • Learning and networking in a peer group of other high-capacity senior leaders.
  • 10 personalized sessions with a professional coach, to help you chart your path and meet your career objectives.
  • Hogan Leadership Assessments with a certified trainer, to help you gain fresh insights into your leadership capacity and potential.
  • 100% of course faculty have earned their doctorates in values-driven leadership or a related field, such as organization development; our faculty are also business leaders with real-world insights to deepen your learning experience.
  • A unique curriculum that integrates global leadership, strategic change, and personal leadership excellence all from a values-driven perspective.

Target audience: The ideal student for this program is an accomplished leader with 8+ years of management experience.

A Unique Values-Based Program Designed to
Elevate Your Leadership & Your Life

In addition to creating career advancement opportunities, the EMSVDL program will strengthen your leadership at four levels:

  • Personally: Grow as a Values-Driven Leader.   Great leaders are great learners. The program will invite you to dig deep, understand yourself and what you value, and clarify the impact you want to make in the world.
  • Interpersonally: Develop great people and teams. Great leaders are great developers of people. The program will develop your capacity to lead high-performing teams and help others to learn, grow, develop, and succeed.
  • Organizationally: Build flourishing companies. Great leaders build great companies. The program will teach you how to lead strategically and build organizations that delight their employees and customers, are embraced by their community, and are on track to long-term, sustainable success.
  • Globally: Transform business and society. Great leaders do great things for the world. The program will challenge you to think big, change the game in your industry, solve intractable problems, and shape the global conversation.

Explore the Program at a Glance:


Target audience Proven leaders from the business, public, or non-profit sectors, with 8+ years management experience
Curriculum focus Developing advanced strategic leadership capacity to advance your career, pursue your purpose, and equip yourself for senior leadership roles
Format Online with 3 face-to-face deep-dive residencies (4-6 days each), including
one international trip
Peer group Other like-minded senior leaders
Program length 18 months (cohort based)
Assessments Hogan Leadership Assessments with a certified trainer, plus more
Executive coaching Yes – 10 personalized sessions with an executive coach
Faculty with Ph.D. 100%
Class dates Campus residencies are Thursday evening through Sunday afternoon.
A 6-day trip is planned for the international residency. For the online courses, set your own learning schedule in keeping with course deadlines.
Total credit hours 64
Total # of courses 16
Total Tuition $60,000*

*Includes books. Tuition is based on 2017-2018 academic year estimates and does not include student fees.

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