Leadership Training Programs & Workshops for Executives

After years of hearing executives raise the same concern, we created a solution.

The concern: The skill sets that make someone a good team member are not the same skill sets that make them a good leader. We promote talented individuals because of their technical skills, but that doesn’t mean they have the training they need to really lead the business.

CEOs told us they wanted a program that would help their managers prepare for senior leadership roles by helping them develop the self-awareness, vision-setting, strategic-thinking, decision-making, and people-leading skills they need to excel.

Our solution: In consultation with executives from around the world, we’ve created an exceptional set of leadership development offerings that can provide a total solution for your company, or help meet gaps in your existing training program.

Our world-class facilitators and faculty can deliver these programs in the format that makes the most sense for you, ranging from 1-hour webinars to an on-site Master’s of Science in Values-Driven Leadership.

Find out how we can help you elevate your leadership and build your business.

  1. Core Leadership Development Programs: Leading Self, Leading Others, Leading Strategically (Available in individual courses or earn graduate credit for in-house leadership development.)
  2. Appreciative Inquiry: Executive Workshops on Appreciative Inquiry and Leadership
  3. Targeted Topics: Find additional opportunities tailored to your organization's leadership development needs

Programs in Values-Driven Leadership

Powerful Options • Designed for Your Company • Ready When You Need It

Flexible Time Formats
Whether you need a 1-hour webinar or an 8-month course, our flexible programming can be adapted to meet the time you have.

Online or In-Person
Our experienced faculty know how to maximize robust learning in a convenient environment, whether online or in-person, at your campus or ours.

Customizable Content
Your industry is unique, so your leadership development should be too. We’ll create a custom program for you.

Track Your Progress
Participants earn certificates as they progress through the curriculum. Complete them all and earn a M.S. degree in Values-Driven Leadership.