Appreciative Leadership for Peak Performance
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November 8-10, 2017

Aristotle said that to know yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.

Take a deep dive into your leadership success pattern and identify new ways to achieve peak performance for yourself and others. Our Appreciative Leadership for Peak Performance (ALPP) course offers a guided, strengths-based exploration of what makes you most effective as a leader. It also provides practical tools to lead, mentor, coach, and bring out the best in others.

The ALPP is an inquiry-based, results-oriented process that leads you through a series of powerful learning activities to identify and optimize your “Leadership Peak Performance Pattern.” Join us to explore the following questions:

  • What makes me most effective as a leader? What are my signature strengths and how can I better leverage them for the results I want?

  • How can I elevate my impact at work? How can I reach and sustain a new level of leadership excellence?

  • What is my core purpose? My core values? What contribution do I most want to make through my work and in the world? What legacy do I want to leave?

  • How can I help others reach their own peak performance? How can I be a better leader, coach and mentor?

Effective, inspiring leaders know themselves and leverage their deep well of strengths to guide themselves and others toward vitality and high performance. Come learn how to bring out the best in yourself and others.

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Bring the Center for Values-Driven Leadership’s executive education workshops and certificate programs inside your company in a format custom-tailored for your leadership team. Email Amber Johnson,, for more details.

Participants in our executive education programs experience extraordinary learning opportunities that ignite dialogue, innovation and action. Creativity comes to life and mobilization toward a better and more profitable way of doing business begins.

Our education model is built on a belief in learning by example, connecting business leaders with each other through stories of success and providing practical tools for driving significant and sustainable business results. This is why our executive experiences are hands-on and specifically tailored toward senior leaders – developed and delivered by Benedictine University faculty and other distinguished thought leaders and practitioners in the field.

Additional Executive Education Programs include the following:

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Individualized learning and development solutions for companies, based on collaborative relationships with our clients and customized to their unique business needs.