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2019-2020 Online Leadership Development Series

We believe leaders are learners. At the Center for Values-Driven Leadership, we find that exceptional executives are hungry to learn more: to go deeper in familiar concepts and dip their toes into new ones, to pick up new skills, to find fresh insights they can apply immediately, and to engage in self-reflection that helps them grow personally.

Our 2019-2020 Executive Education Leadership Development series will help you do just that. We've selected four topics that speak to the challenges and opportunities leaders tell us they continually face. In each session, we'll draw from the latest evidence-based research to offer new insights, then we'll show you how to put these ideas to work in your firm.

Best of all, our sessions are free (though registration is required). Can't make it at the scheduled date and time? Register for the session and we'll send you a link to the online video to watch at your convenience.

Find descriptions of the 1-hour online sessions below, then use the form to register.

New Strategies for Senior Leaders to Engage People & the Organization for Superior Results • Now available by video below.

For centuries, leaders were the person at the top of the organizational chart. This meant leadership was an exclusive club; if you were lucky enough to be on top, you needed to do everything in your power to prevent others from taking your spot. Over the last century, however, our ideas about leadership have changed, changing the way leaders must act as well. This session looks at executive leadership with this new lens and points toward processes that can help you share leadership, influence others, and advance your organization.

The Purpose/Strategy Connection: How to Build an Agile Organization

Any leader tasked with the direction of a company or a division needs to be clear about two things: purpose and strategy. In this session, we explore the relationship between purpose and strategy, using real case studies to watch how purpose drives strategy, and how culture, capabilities, and systems unfold from there. You’ll leave with a new tool for calibrating purpose and strategy in your organization.

New Year, New Results: New Insights for Leading High-Performing Teams Now available by video below

The New Year offers a perfect opportunity for revisiting practices that have grown a little stale over time. In this session, we’ll introduce 10 evidence-based insights for leading high-performing teams. We’ll combine this world-class research with practical tips for implementing these insights at your office all year long. Master these, and you can expect 2020 to be your best year yet.

Giving Feedback that Gets Heard & Delivers Results
April 16 • 1 pm Central

Asking for honest feedback feels difficult, because we are fearful of what we might hear. Giving honest feedback is equally hard: many of us have been socialized to avoid conflict, and that impulse hampers our ability to offer direct feedback. Yet without that honest feedback, how can we know how to grow as individuals and how can we help others grow? In this session, we’ll explore the importance of giving honest feedback, then learn strategies for doing it well including the Appreciative Feedback process of Find It, Flip It, Elevate It – to defeat defensiveness and inspire action.

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