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We believe in values-driven leadership for all, so each month we make an executive education workshop available for free, online. Our leadership development webinars cover timely topics that will help you think deeper and lead stronger. Below, you'll find several upcoming options from our series, Addressing Racism & Building Inclusive Organizations, and more. Video recordings of previous sessions are also included below.

December 17
Practical Strategies for Advancing
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
in Your Organization

12 pm Central

Throughout 2020, many companies have made verbal commitments to address racism and build inclusion within their organizations. Making this happen takes methodical work. In our final session of the year, Dr. Salwa Rahim-Dillard, founder of Equision, will walk us through a series of practical ideas for moving the needle on DEI in your organization. She'll be joined by Gena Lovett, former VP of Operations with Boeing and Chief Diversity Officer at Alcoa, to provide real-life commentary on want it takes to advance inclusion.

This 45-minute session will move fast, to give you actionable ideas for your own organization. Register here.

executive mindfulness

January 14, 2021
Leadership Practices for a Mindful New Year
12 pm CST

A growing body of research shows that leaders who are engaged in mindful practices are more effective and more connected with their team members. But mindfulness doesn't happen by accident. To achieve the benefits of mindfulness takes intentional engagement in practices that connect leaders to their emotional and spiritual wellbeing. 

In this interactive 55-minute session, Dr. Nancy Sayer, Dr. Jim Ludema, and Dr. Amber Johnson will introduce you to three mindful practices designed to help you chart a path to a successful new year. 

Register here.

Previously Recorded Executive Education Sessions

Miss a session? Looking for a little extra wisdom? View one of our previously recorded executive education sessions below. Our leadership development webinars are designed to give you evidence-based insights that you can apply in your workplace immediately.

Leading in the Age of Disruption: How to Help People & Organizations Thrive in Complexity

Trends such as artificial intelligence, automation, digitization, and other technology shifts are disrupting the way leadership gets done.  Those who have been taught and rewarded for being analytical and efficiency-oriented are now challenged to pivot to leadership based upon adaptability, critical and creative thinking, and communication skills. For many leaders, these changes and the speed at which they occur can be daunting. This 45-minute session explains why leadership is changing and how individuals can better lead themselves and others for adaptability in a complex world. Our keynote presenter is Dr. Mary Uhl-Bien, one of the world's foremost scholars on complexity leadership, and a Professor of Leadership at Texas Christian University.

Brain Science & Bias: Understanding How Your Brain Works to Prevent Racism

Today’s organizations are working hard to raise employees’ awareness of unconscious bias. But to truly cut down on discrimination and boost inclusion, leaders must develop unique habits that help identify bias and rewire the brain. Our October session featured the NeuroLeadership Institute's
Khalil Smith and Barbara Steel, who will used insights from neuroscience to help us effectively advance inclusion and prevent racism. View the video above. 

Leading Connected & Engaged Virtual Teams

COVID-19 pushed many companies into remote work; some will never go back. With more and more teams operating remotely, how can we create connection and ensure engagement? In this session, Dr. Jim Ludema and Dr. Amber Johnson of Benedictine University help us turn to research for answers and draw examples from exceptional organizations who have made it possible. We draw actionable insights for building trust, strengthening connection, and supporting exceptional performance. This session corresponds to our free eBook, Leading High-Performing, High-Engagement Virtual Teams During COVID-19 and Beyond.

Actionable Steps to Advance Inclusion Now: How Values-Driven Leaders Can Create Belonging

Values-driven leaders create psychologically safe environments where all team members experience belonging. This session digs into the fundamentals of inclusion with the author of Inclusify: The Power of Uniqueness and Belonging to Build Innovative Teams, Dr. Stefanie K. Johnson of the University of Colorado, Boulder. Dr. Johnson will discuss why inclusion is so important amidst COVID-19. Finally, she'll share strategies to build more inclusive meetings, clean up office housework, and create culture swaps. 

Understanding Identity & Leadership

This 45-minute webinar features leading identity, diversity, and inclusion scholar Dr. Stephanie Creary of the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Creary introduces the concept of identity, then helps make connection to leadership and workplace relationships. Dr. Creary introduces the concept of identity, frames it in the context of workplace relationships and leadership, and offers useful tools for using your understanding of identity to advocate for others and serve as an ally to Black colleagues. This video is part of our executive education series on fighting racism and building inclusive organizations.

How Leaders Can Address Racism & Care for Colleagues of Color

On June 19th, the 155th anniversary of Juneteenth, we explored how leaders can confront racism, build inclusive organizations, and care for colleagues of color in a 60-minute executive education session led by world-class diversity and inclusion scholar Dr. Laura Morgan Roberts and our expert panelists Dr. Salwa Rahim-Dillard of US Cellular and Cheryl Harris of Allstate. Find a recording of the session to the left.

Servant Leadership on the Edge

In this 30-minute session (plus Q&A) servant leader expert and core faculty member Dr. Gus Gustafson provides a fast introduction to the concept of servant leadership, and makes the case that its values-driven mindset offers a useful methodology for facing uncertain times. Find a recording of the session to the left.

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