Lead Stronger at Three Levels: Executive Education & Leadership Development Offerings

Our core leadership development offerings are designed to meet the needs of your executives, managers, emerging leaders, and high potential team members.

Our world-class curriculum is built around three learning modules that consist of three courses each. Companies may enroll a cohort of students in one or more courses, a full module, or all three modules. Courses can be delivered online or at your location with customized content. 

Additionally, your team members can earn graduate credit toward our Master's in Values-Driven Leadership program. For more information on bringing our master's program in-house at your company, or to discuss a customized leadership development solution, contact our team at info@cvdl.org.

Leading Self

Great leaders are great learners. This module invites you to dig deep, understand yourself and what you value, and clarify the impact you want to make in the world. Courses include:

Leadership Foundations:
Explore the major theories and practical models of leadership and apply them to real-world situations, with a focus on improving your leadership practice.

Leadership Effectiveness:
Examine the social, moral, and ethical concepts related to business leadership in order to identify cultural and personal patterns that drive high performance.

Leadership Impact:
Identify your own leadership approach and create a personal learning plan for your leadership future.

Leading Others

Great leaders are great developers of people. This module strengthens your capacity to lead high-performing teams and help others to learn, grow, develop, and succeed. Courses include:

Leading & Developing Others: Sharpen your skills in building rapport, trust, and respect; emotional intelligence; and managing crucial conversations. Learn to develop the skills of your direct reports.

Leading High-Performance Teams: Maximize team results by assessing and optimizing the characteristics, structures, culture, and dynamics of team.

Leading Positive Change:
Test drive the concepts and practices that support successful change and innovation, with a focus on collaborative and positive change through Appreciative Inquiry.

Leading Strategically

Great leaders build great companies. This module helps you lead strategically and build organizational cultures that empower employees, delight customers, support communities, and produce results. Courses include:

Leading Financial Performance: Advance your understanding of the fundamental accounting and forecasting practices needed for executive leadership and sustainable value creation.

Leading Organizational Effectiveness: Optimize your firm’s performance with a focus on talent management, organization design, measurements and rewards.

Strategic Leadership:
Understand contemporary approaches to developing and executing business strategy, and learn tools that evaluate your firm’s strengths and opportunities.

Leadership Practicum

Great leaders do great things for the world. Our facilitators and faculty can create a final module for your company that integrates learning and asks students to apply their leadership to contemporary leadership topics such as global leadership, diversity and inclusion, sustainability and flourishing, or your company's mission, vision, and values. 

Coaching & Assessments

We offer optional professional coaching and assessments, available throughout all of the Center's leadership development offerings. Take industry-leading Hogan Leadership Assessments to identify your capacity and opportunity for growth, then meet 1:1 with a certified professional coach to target your goals.

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