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Classroom Experience

What is it like to be in a classroom designed for senior executives? The photos below offer a glimpse into how students engage with Benedictine faculty and our distinguished visiting scholars during class time.

  • Students are often called upon to present their research or lead discussions on class readings.

  • Our distinguished visiting scholars, such as leading organizational theorist Dr. Mary Jo Hatch, introduce students to the latest research and welcome conversation on emerging topics.

  • reflection exercise

    Some class time may be spent in short reflection exercises, especially as students study research related to leading self.

  • Some faculty integrate experiential exercises into the classroom experience.

  • Faculty may also incorporate interviews or case studies.

  • game leading change

    Small group work and exercises enhance the classroom experience.

  • Gamification is incorporated into our leading change course.

  • Outside of class hours, students find time to relax together.

Global Exchange Trips

Students in our executive doctoral program are required to take one international trip during the course of their program, often to an international conference. These photos share more about the experience.

  • Attending international conferences, such as the The Irish Academy of Management, allows students to present their research and engage in dialogue with global scholars.
  • Student Basil Chen was presented with a best paper award at the Conference on Emerging Research Paradigms in Business & Social Sciences, held in Dubai, UAE.

  • While in Belgium with the International Leadership Association, students and faculty toured global manufacturer Magnetrol and heard from the firm's leadership.

  • Students often bring family members along.

  • Students, faculty, and guests gathered for dinner in Trieste, Italy, during a conference sponsored by the International Society for the Study of Work & Organizational Values.

Graduation Ceremony for the Ph.D./D.B.A. Program

Earning your Ph.D. while you lead your company is hard work. As a result, our graduation festivities are especially celebratory events, as you'll see in these photos.

  • The formal Benedictine University ceremony includes hooding of the graduates.

  • Our graduates and faculty on graduation day.

  • The ceremony is a time for celebrating with family members as well.

  • Following the ceremony, the Center hosts a Champagne Brunch for graduates and their families.

  • Each graduate is given a few minutes to share appreciation with those who supported their doctoral journey. Here, graduate Dr. Nancy Sayer shares her cap with her father.

  • During the ceremony, the Center presents a series of awards to students and visiting scholars.

  • In 2020, when the coronavirus delayed formal commencement ceremonies, the Center celebrated with a virtual ceremony. A campus commencement service is now planned for Spring 2021.

Goodwin Hall of Business

Classes for the leadership Ph.D./D.B.A. program are held on Benedictine University's campus, outside Chicago. The program is housed on the fourth floor of the newly built Goodwin Hall of Business. Tour our facilities through these photos.

  • The Goodwin Hall of Business opened in 2015.

  • The doctoral program classroom features a white board wall, full-surround video conferencing capacity, and wireless projection to two large monitors.

  • Comfortable seating in the classroom gives doctoral students plenty of elbow room, and at-seat charging stations.

  • Just down the hall from our classroom, the Sorensen Hall of Leaders provides a spacious event venue for our Senior Executive Roundtables.

  • Near the entrance to the Center's office suite, the Values-Driven Leadership Hall of Fame, pictured here at its 2017 ribbon cutting, provides a tribute to the scholars and practitioners who inspire our work.

  • Next door to the doctoral classroom, an executive lounge gives students a place to step away. The lounge includes refrigerators, a microwave, and plenty of table space.

  • The two-story entrance to Goodwin Hall provides gathering space for events.

  • On the second floor, extra seating and natural lighting offer a great place to take a break after class.

  • A campus coffee shop provides students with access to extra caffeine and snacks.