Learn Executive Tools for Leadership Development & Organizational Change

Six Questions that can Lift Your Leadership, Shape Your Strategy,
and Transform Your Organization


Appreciative Inquiry Introduction BookDo you need to draft a compelling strategic plan? Identify a double-digit growth strategy? Improve your rate of innovation? Find best practices for marketing? Increase your customer satisfaction ratings? Or fast-track the leadership development of your team?

Executives across the globe have reached these goals and more through the use of six simple, nimble questions.

These questions aren’t magic, but they are powerful. When adapted to meet the needs of your company or organization, they can point you in the right direction and align your team in a way that makes achieving your goals not just possible, but inevitable.


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Appreciative Inquiry WorkshopThe book introduces the Appreciative Inquiry (AI) methodology. For more on AI, and to learn about our upcoming Appreciative Leadership Certificate Series, visit www.cvdl.org/ai.