Driving Enterprise Change: Global Expert to Lead Next Executive Roundtable on Agile Leadership

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CHICAGO – Bill Pasmore, a global expert on change management at the top executive level, will lead the Center for Values-Driven Leadership’s (CVDL) next Senior Executive Roundtable, the CVDL announced today.

The roundtable is scheduled for April 5th, from 2 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. Registration and additional information at www.cvdl.org/roundtable.

Dr. Pasmore is the Organizational Practice Leader for the Center for Creative Leadership, and a visiting scholar at Columbia Teachers College. He has served as an executive consultant to companies such as Kimberly Clark, United Airlines, Unilever, and Hewlett Packard.

“Bill has worked for decades with the CEOs and top leaders of global companies, helping them drive enterprise-wide change,” said Dr. Jim Ludema, director of the CVDL. “He brings a unique perspective – grounded in research and tested through application – for anyone who wants to drive change in a competitive, complex environment.”

Tom Walter, author of It’s My Company Too! and CEO and Chief Culture Officer of Tasty Catering, will join Pasmore to provide practical examples of how a nimble organization can adapt sustainably.

Driving Enterprise Change: Leadership Strategies for Agile Organizations is a half-day roundtable designed to equip senior leaders with the to
  • Create an agile, non-linear strategy for driving change;
  • Manage competing priorities within your organization to increase focus and results;
  • Draw on the existing resoucres of your organization’s invisible networks;
  • Accelerate change through relationships;
  • Establish ongoing evolution processes that help you keep pace with the future.

The roundtable is designed for senior leaders, and is open to the public. Registration is $100/person and includes a book and admission and parking at the venue, the Morton Arboretum. Learn more and register here.

For more details on the Center for Values-Driven Leadership, visit our web site, www.cvdl.ben.edu.
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