Executive PhD & DBA Programs in Values-Driven Leadership

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Think deeper and lead stronger with our premier Ph.D./D.B.A. program, designed specifically for senior executives.

Getting an outside perspective of myself using the literature and class discussions is a constant series of epiphanies. It’s like walking through Versailles – there are mirrors everywhere, providing never-seen before views, but there are so many you cannot fixate."- Colleen Lyons, Ph.D., Senior Ethics Advisor, Boeing

I value education, and I value making a difference. For me, one of the biggest ways to impact the world is to be a subject matter expert about things that matter. To make the changes I want to make in the world, I knew I needed to earn a Ph.D. so I could learn more and have the credentials I needed. This program touches on so many things I care about: corporate social responsibility, leadership, authenticity, inclusion and diversity, organizational development. It was the perfect marriage of my passions and my professional aspiration."- Salwa Rahim-Dillard, Ph.D., Senior Manager, Diversity Strategy, US Cellular

At a high level, there’s always been these ideas in the back of my head. The doctoral program has taken those feelings and made them thoughts; I’m reading books and talking with leaders and scholars about these ideas that are materializing. It’s the “Ah-ha!” experience for me. … I learned something on the weekend, and applied it on Monday morning."- Brett Hinds, Ph.D., Chief Engineer, Ford Motor Company

The doctoral program matters to me because, as employees and leaders, we need to think about culture, we need to do things with ethics at the core. You can go fast. You can grow big. But if you don’t do it in a responsible way, that’s not a good thing for anyone. That’s the attraction to this program for me."- Cheryl Harris, SVP of Procurement, Allstate

What we learn in class is directly applicable back at the office. I’ve never been as fulfilled in my career as I am right now, and the program is a big part of it."- John Heiser, Ph.D., CEO, LabVantage Software

The Center brings the most innovative and thought-provoking scholars in the field - an impressive, compassionate group of leaders - to create a more ethical and sustainable business model for the future. It is extraordinary!"- Kathy Hopinkah Hannan, Ph.D., KPMG's former National Managing Partner for Diversity, Inclusion, and Responsibility; Girl Scouts USA National Chairman of the Board

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