Doctoral Program in Values-Driven
Leadership for Senior Executives

“This program is
changing my leadership
and my life.


About Our Premier Doctoral Program
for Executives

Think deeper and lead stronger with our premier Ph.D./D.B.A.
program, designed specifically for senior executives.


About the Program


What we learn in class is directly applicable back at the office. I’ve never been as fulfilled in my career as I am right now, and the program is a big part of it.

John Heiser, Ph.D. - President & COO, Magnetrol International

This program gives me a deeper well to draw from for complex problems. It’s helping me help others become better executives.

Melissa Norcross - VP of Finance & Strategy, Ontario Systems

What we learn has expanded my capacity to lead within my organization and the broader society. It’s showing me how to grow my impact.

Kasey Short - Director, Global Menu Strategy, McDonald's Corporation

The Center brings the most innovative and thought-provoking scholars in the field – an impressive, compassionate group of leaders – to create a more ethical and sustainable business model for the future. It is extraordinary!

Kathy Hopinkah Hannan - KPMG's National Managing Partner for Diversity, Inclusion, and Responsibility; Girl Scouts USA National Chairman of the Board

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Our one-of-a-kind curriculum integrates the fields of:

Global Leadership

Strategic Change

Corporate Sustainability

Rise Above

We Help Senior Executives Lead Boldly at Four Levels


Grow as a values-driven leader.


Develop people and teams.


Build flourishing companies.


Transform business and society.

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