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Fresh resources for leadership development and building flourishing companies

The following downloadable resources will help you develop yourself and others as a values-driven leader, build a flourishing company, and have a transformative impact on business and society.

These free white papers, eBooks, and tools reflect our commitment to a scholar-practitioner approach to executive education and professional development. The resources are designed by our faculty and staff, drawing from evidence-based research and work inside hundreds of companies.

Leading High-Performing, High-Engagement Virtual Teams, During COVID-19 and Beyon

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With more of us working from home, how can we keep our virtual teams connected, engaged, and performing? This eBook draws from the best insights science has to offer, as well as the experiences of virtual team leaders, to offer actionable tools and tips for building an exceptional virtual team.

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Do Differently: How Leaders of Values-Driven Companies Spend Their Time

After interviews with CEOs and top executives from high culture/high profit companies across the country, we discovered a pattern: these leaders spend their time differently than their counterparts.

Learn the five core habits of values-driven CEOs and make your own work more effective. Hear from these leaders in their own words, and find tips you can put into action today as you grow your own values-driven company.

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Making Values Meaningful: A Menu of Options for Senior Leaders

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Research draws a firm connection between values-driven companies and success. It all starts by making values a central task of leadership.

This eBook is designed for execu­tives who want to harness the poten­tial of values to shape the strategic future of their organization. Find powerful tools and examples to create clarity, develop leaders, set strategy, and drive sustainable growth aligned around your core values.

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40-Minute Tool for Identifying Values

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Understanding what we value helps individuals improve their decision-making and make a significant contribution to the world. This tool guides leaders as they clarify their personal values.

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Six Questions that Can Lift Your Leadership, Shape Your Strategy, and Transform Your Organization

free downloadable eBook on Appreciative Inquiry

Innovative leaders learn to influence others through the powerful questions they ask. This eBook introduces the powerful questions that are part of the Appreciative Inquiry mindset and method.

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Find more great resources for management and leadership development:

  • Short videos on leadership, culture, corporate social responsibility, and the return on values
  • Weekly posts on strategy, decision-making, and how to lead values-driven companies
  • Educational offerings, including executive doctorate, masters, and professional development