woman in face mask delivers food with uhaul

Merrill Lynch Leader Helps Girls Grow During Social Distancing

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woman in face mask delivers food with uhaulValues-driven leaders are committed to service. That commitment is evident in the life of Dawn Harris Jeffries, a senior financial advisor with Merrill Lynch and the founder of GLOW Girls, a Peoria, IL-based non-profit that provides girls of low socioeconomic status with tools for mental, physical, and nutritional wellness, self-efficacy, and financial literacy.

Jeffries and the teens she mentors had a full slate of activities planned for the spring and summer, but social distancing put an end to in-person activities. Never one to be stopped by an obstacle, Jeffries regrouped, planning virtual activities to help the girls grow and remain engaged. She also focused on meeting their physical needs, including delivering food from a local pantry in a rented Uhaul.

Find more about Jeffries’ work at this recent Forbes.com article. Then return to this link for more stories of values-driven leaders rising to the challenge of the coronavirus.

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