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What is Teaming? Video: Dr. Amy Edmondson, Harvard University

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Hikers | Modern Teams

Not all work in today’s organizations should be done in stable teams, says Harvard’s Dr. Amy Edmondson in this short video.

Teams such as flight crews or emergency responders must be able to quickly assemble and function with error-free accuracy, despite never having worked together. This ability to align around a common purpose, with clear knowledge of each member’s role, is teaming, says Edmondson. And while it’s an important skill in critical circumstances, it is also a skill set that’s useful in any office environment, as teams assemble to tackle a project, then disband and move separately to other initiatives.

Edmondson explains more in the short video below. Watch, and then follow the links below to find other videos from Edmondson that can help improve your teaming skills.

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Photo by Tobias Mrzyk on Unsplash

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